PowerPoint Business Managment

PowerPoint Business Managment

I have to put together a POWER POINT AND INCLUDE A WORK FLOW MAP on why sending patients a post card reminding them to contact us to make an appointment isn’t a good idea.

Old Process cause

· Posts cards get lost in the mail

· It’s our fault the provider’s schedules aren’t opened

· When patients try to call the clinics they can’t get a hold of the front desk

· Patients are up-set because they feel like we don’t care about them

· Losing money because patients aren’t coming back

· The post cards at the clinic are laying around waiting for the front desk to mail out (HIPPA Violation also because their information is on the cards

· Patients move and we don’t have an updated address

· The front desk is writing on the post cards instead of typing, sometimes the writing isn’t legible

New Process

· If the schedule is not open, we should send a task reminder in IDX to contact patients at least two months for their follow.

· This brings quality patient care

· More visits

· Less Cancellations

· Less Complaints

· Better Patient Experience

· Keep patients out of the hospital

· Shows we care


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