PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

Ultimately, a manager or supervisor within an organization should be responsible for team development. Inevitably, however, differences among team members will arise. Based on the team-building checklist found on page 89 of the textbook, design a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates your understanding of how team-building activities can be utilized to diagnose and solve problems within a team. In addition, provide examples of how these problems can serve as detriments to team success. Also, outline the phases of the team-building cycle and how it can be used to develop activities to improve team performance.

At least two additional resources should be used in addition to your textbook, and each should be cited and referenced properly using APA formatting. The presentation should consist of a title slide, a minimum of eight slides of content, and a reference slide.

Page 89

Figure 5.1 Team-Building Checklist Problem identification: To what extent is there evidence of the following problems in your team? Circle the number that best represents your opinion. Low Some High Evidence

1. Loss of production or output

2. Grievances or complaints within the team

3. Conflict or hostility among team members

4. Confusion about assignments or unclear relationships among people on the team

5. Lack of clear goals or low commitment to goals

6. Apathy or general lack of interest or involvement of team members

7. Lack of innovation, risk taking, imagination, or initiative

8. Ineffective meetings

9. Problems in working with the boss

10. Poor communications: people afraid to speak up, not listening to one another, or not talking together

11. Lack of trust between leader and members or among team members

12. People not understanding or agreeing with decisions

13. People feeling that good work is not recognized or rewarded

14. People not encouraged to work together in better team effort

Low evidence Some Evidence High Evidence

1 2 3 4 5

Evidence Scoring: Add up the score for the fourteen items. If your score is between 14 and 28, there is little evidence that your unit needs team building. If your score is between 29 and 42, there is some evidence but no immediate pressure unless two or three items are very high. If your score is between 43 and 56, you should seriously think about planning a team-building program. If your score is over 56, team building should be a top priority for your work unit.

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