Project Plan

Project Plan

We need to prepare a business plan for ISL ( as our final project (Please find a business plan 

II.  Company Description


Form of Business 

Description of Services 


Location and Geographical Information 

III.  Industry Analysis & Trends Industry Code 

Size and Growth Rate of Industry Industry Trends 

Seasonal Factors 

Regulation and Certification 

IV.  The Target Market

I need 7 Pages

The good example for business plan is:-




Business Definition





Our industry is the social services industry. Social services industry comprises of several profession and sectors that provide services to people in need. These services aim to build stronger societies, promote opportunity and equality, and create more efficient organizations. Innovative Sustainable Living (ISL) is the culmination of aspirations and dreams of expert members, philanthropist, and groups of organizations who are devoted to providing a dignified life to the most vulnerable individuals of the society. Combining industry know-how, technology, and innovation, ISL work together with different regional leaders to attain their objectives by delivering sustainable value to their stakeholders and constituents( ISL provides services in different fields such as designing, manufacturing, and building modular housing projects; mental health providers; sustainability and permaculture; leadership and training organizations; and many more.

Our mission is “to use and further develop the unique and untapped opportunities available in modular housing and smart living to create affordable sustainable living for communities through the proper application and assimilation of the appropriate technologies and know-how” ( The above mission statement is very important to ISL. It provides guidance to the organization moving forward. The mission statement also shapes the company’s culture as it dictates how the company should act and how different individuals think about their roles. The Mission statement can also establish consistency. ISL is growing. And as we all know, an organization can face the risk of losing a unique culture and focus while growing. The mission statement, therefore, will ensure that every facet of ISL is working in concert.

Our focus is to provide solutions to low-income and homeless families and individuals by providing a living solution which is essential to a dignified inventive living. ISL solutions are full sustainability, covering every aspect and element of sustainable living. This aspect helps ISL in decision making and also helps in prioritizing its resources. 

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