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 To learn more about qualitative designs, please visit the following website:

Qualitative Research Designs

For quantitative designs, please visit the following website: Research Designs

Based on the following titles of research studies, identify what you believe to be the design (Qualitative or Quantitative) of the study and the rationale for your selection. Refer to the links above for descriptions of research designs.

1. Determining the effect of position on heel pressure in older adults. 

2. Factors that influenced the development of democracy in America.

3. The relationship between physical activity and GPA in nursing students. 

4. Determining the effect of a new drug to treat brain tumors 

5. Coping strategies of chronically ill men and women. 

6. Determining the incidence of drug abuse in RNs in community hospitals.

7. The meaning of living with COPD. 

8. Exploring the Aborigine culture.

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