Read And Respond-CH 13

due date: 10/31

Please read my team project “Jollibee” before answering. 

Please associate the answers with the textbook and Jollibee’s project

**Need textual references (textbook–please include page#) and external research

**** about 300 words for each question

Company: Jollibee
Country From: Philippines
(Expand)Country To: Australia-Sydney
Product/Service: Fast Food
How (FDI/Export/License): FDI

Read Ch.13 and respond to the following questions. Inlcude the sources for each of your responses, from both the textbook and external research.

About 300 words.

Consider the country-city(Australia-Sydney) where you want to expand your business: (Please read my “team-project” before answering. Because the answer should be related to the previous discussion direction.)

Question:(Please use the information in the book for reference and external research.)

1. List the top-3, biggest, political & economic risks.  How would you mitigate the same?

2. Consider M&A opportunities. Which company in particular would you consider acquiring or merging with and why? (Please hit the link to see the contents and watch the video)

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