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Research topic:Information and communication technology in education 

Sources:from official journals. 


Research Paper Feedback Guide


Student  ____________________________________________            Date  Draft: ______________________ / Revision: ______________________






Points Possible

Draft Points

Draft Comments

Revision Points

Revision Comments



▪ Introduction is interesting and appropriate, includes research question

▪ Clear and thoughtful thesis statement

▪ Background paragraph defines terms, prepares reader for the paper

▪ Body paragraphs include: topic sentences, supporting evidence (quotes), concluding sentences

▪ Counterargument is well thought out and refutation is clear and related to counter argument (with evidence/quotes)

▪ Conclusion includes a brief summary and wraps up the paper with mirror, challenge, or implications for the future










▪ Ordering of support is appropriate (saves the best reason for last)

▪ Coherence (use of transition techniques between paragraphs and transitions between ideas; everything clearly ties back to the thesis statement)









▪ Accurate citation of sources

▪ Gives credit to original source when quoting a quote

▪ Quotes integrated into text smoothly

▪ Quotes adequately explained/have context

▪ APA formatting is correct and consistent

▪ Reference page is in proper format and acurrate







Grammar Mechanics/ Sentence Structure

▪ Verbs

▪ Nouns

▪ Prepositions/articles

▪ Adjective/adverbs

▪ Spelling/punctuation/capitalization

▪ Sentence variety

▪ Word choice

▪ Tone













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