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Assignment Instructions

Course Objectives:

  • Revise artifacts from previous coursework throughout the program based on feedback from the instructor.
  • Organize a significant collection of artifacts in an ePortfolio including projects, papers, and other relevant examples showcasing work completed during the program to demonstrate mastery of the program objectives.

Artifact #1 ==> Paper or Report

Using submitted work from a previous class, locate a research paper, case study, or another report to submit as your first artifact.  You will want to spend your time this week reviewing and critiquing your document before submission.  You should have all of the following corrected:

  1. All spelling errors
  2. All grammar errors
  3. All APA errors
  4. Any other feedback received by your faculty member should be incorporated.


Submit your assignment once you have ensured that all corrections have been made.  Make sure you keep the final version of the assignment as you will begin loading it into your Portfolio in Week 5.  This assignment will NOT be submitted to Turnitin as it was previously submitted by your faculty member.



Green Energy Attainment

James Walker

MGMT 604

Professor Tim Davis


Question 1

The contemporary challenge that is presented by the two articles is the struggle of the United States to achieve Green Growth. The struggle is a real-life challenge that is affecting the United States because the issue touches directly on critical issues such as job creation, economic growth, and more so environmental protection. The three issues above, when accomplished well, leads a secured economic performance and an enhanced future. The (2020) website elaborates on the struggle of the United States and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member states in coming up with policies and tools aimed at creating economic growth while at the same time evading the damaging of the environment.

Having this in mind, the other challenge faced is that the government is faced with a substantial challenge in as far as the measurement of green economy is concerned because the practice is generally hard. The full and complete measurement of green economy via the use of national figures and company surveys is usually a daunting task, mostly requiring more research and surveys as well as alternative methods to collect data. All the same, it is critical to note that tackling of the above issues is that starting point of creating a better economy as far as green sector is concerned. This is because, the green economy is constantly becoming one of the crucial economic sectors in the United States because of its criticality in environmental protection which is the start of everything in an economy.

Question 2

In attempts to deal with the challenges that affect the working of the Green Economy, the United States have various strategies in place to ensure that the critical sector is safeguarded against activities that threaten it. At meeting in OECD Ministerial Council held in May 2011, the United States clearly outlined its Green Growth Strategy specifically aimed at growing the economy, creating jobs, and more so protecting the environment. The United States outlined the need to use strong intellectual property (IP) rights coupled with innovation to enhance environmental protection and consequently boosting the green economy. Moreover, the adoption of policies created by the OECD ensures that the United States stays at par as far as protection of the green economy is concerned. The United States is continuously working with the OECD member states to regularly improve the green growth practices and policies with the aim of ensuring that the crucial component of growth is attained.

To be at par with the other nations in the course of protecting the green economy, the United States has been indulging in extreme actions such as remaining competitive in developing clean energy, enhancing education and policies on the same, and supporting the use of renewable energy. Recently, there has been a shift into low carbon emitting cars and industries and investments in energy conserving buildings all of which are aimed at protecting the environment and, hence enhancing the green economy.

Question 3

The choices made in ensuring that the Green Growth Strategy becomes a success are proving to be successful. More and more efforts are being channeled to the protection of the so significant economy that is improving with time. The involvement of the United States in the OECD green economy enhancement has been a source of the country’s growth in diplomacy levels through the bilateral and multilateral deliberations including the United States negotiations with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the G-8 Partners, and the United Nation forums such as the UN Conference on Sustainable Development and the UN Environmental Program. The diplomatic alliances gained through meetings has been a means through which the United States passes its ideologies to other nations regarding many political ideologies as well as its position on the fight to enhance green economy.

The choices made by the United States have been successful when we look at the impact the whole process has had on its economy. The green economy creates $1.3 trillion in revenues annually while at the same time leading to 9.5 million job opportunities. The part of the economy that is growing exponentially is crucial in that the U.S. has many working-group people who have gotten their employment from the green sector. A report by (Stevens, 2019) indicated that the United States’ economy grew by 20% from the 2013 to 2016 and the number is expected to continue rising as a result of the continued fight against climate change that the country has been carrying out. This means that more and more clean energy sources will be researched and used and hence leading to a continuous growth in green economy in the United States.


Stevens, P. (2019). US ‘green economy’ generates $1.3 trillion and employs millions, new study finds. Retrieved from (2020). U.S. Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Retrieved from

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