Sherrill medical group of california


Sherrill Medical Group of California is a health maintenance organization (HMO) that has contacted you to install Windows Server 2008 and Active Directory. It owns the domain name. It has 2,000 users, equally dispersed in three locations: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

Sacramento is the headquarters, while the San Francisco office handles the Northern California region, and the Los Angeles office is in charge of the Southern California region. The security policies, such as password ***** and account lockout, are more laid back in San Francisco than in L.A. The company headquarters establishes financial goals and general claims policy, but allows some regional operational autonomy.

Within corporate headquarters are the following business units:

Physician relations
Information technology (IT)

Within the two regional offices are the following business units:

-Physician relations
The chief information officer (CIO) would like to delegate the ability to manage users and groups to the business unit level, without delegating control over security policies.

The three locations are joined by T1 lines that are 80% saturated from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Answer the following questions:

For the benefit of the upper management who are nontechnical, please describe how forest functional levels, trees, domains, OUs, and sites function in Active Directory.
How would you design the logical structure of Active Directory for the Sherrill Medical Group, and what domain naming structure would you suggest?
How many domain controllers, DNS servers, and global catalog servers would you suggest? Where would you place them? What is your reasoning?
What edition of Windows 2008 server would you use for your domain controller? If you needed 4-way clustering for Sherrill’s Web server, what edition of Windows Server 2008 would you use?
You will be building these servers. How would you select your server components? What would you do if you added a tape backup to your server and the mouse froze?

Adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines.
Deliverable length 2-4 pages with a reference page

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