Sociology of race and ethic relations

Sociology of Race and Ethic Relations

This DB is to discuss issues related to Native Americans.

This is the writing assignment that you are expected to do for this learning unit. After viewing the movie (We’re still here) and reading the assigned materials (e.g. “History of Survival: A Pine Ridge Example”) you need to address the following questions in a short essay (300 words or more). In comparison to other 2 Native American tribes (the 2 other tribes that you have researched in the site “Native North America”), how the Oglala Lakota tribe from the Pine Ridge reservation described in the movie “We’re still here”, are culturally alike or are they different to other Native American tribes? In your posting, you should address the question of ways of life, beliefs and cultural practices.

·        Read my lecture notes related to this learning unit, , Attached as Chapter 6 notes

·        Read the Census Brief about Native Americans, attached.

·        See the movie “We’re still here ”

·        After viewing this movie you should read: “History of Survival: A Pine Ridge Example” by Desiree Renee Martinez

·        Read the PowerPoint presentation for this chapter, attached.

·        Visit the web site “Native North America” and find information about two tribes from the ones posted there.

Basic guidelines


1. Major posting (short essay) of a minimum of 300 words (preferably 500-600 words) answering the questions stated in Online Assignments for this unit.

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