Stakeholder Importance

Unit 7 DB: Stakeholder Importance (BUS411)

Unit 7 DB: Stakeholder Importance

Who is a stakeholder and why are they, and their voices, important?

As a stakeholder in Post University, next week in all your courses you are going to be asked to complete your student survey. Big deal… Why should your instructors care about what you have to say? Why should Post care about what you have to say? What difference can you, or any stakeholder make by conveying your thoughts to the company you’re a stakeholder in?  Is there a better way to reach for a result or action from the company?

If you own the company, why should you listen to feedback regarding improvement for the company you have poured you heart, soul, and monies into? 

Unit 7 DB: Common Grievance Procedure Issues (HRM303)

Unit 7 DB: Common Grievance Procedure Issues

Please read Five Common Grievance Issues from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Union’s Steward’s Sourcebook and answer the following questions:

During the term of most Labor Contracts, the union agrees not to strike or engage in any similar concerted actions against the employer. The Grievance Procedure in the contract provides a mechanism for the union to surface and seek resolution to alleged contract violations during the term of the contract.

Of the five common grievance issues in the article, which issues did you most agree or disagree with, and why? Support your position with real-world anecdotes from your own life, a colleague, or the news.

In response to your classmates’ threads, pose an open-ended question to your peers that further explores these issues. Answer the questions of your peers in your reply.

Reference:  Five Common Grievance Issues.  (2010).  International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Union’s, Steward’s Sourcebook.

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