Strategic Information Technology Plan

Strategic Information Technology Plan


you will be creating a narrated presentation for the board and stakeholders in your process improvement plan. You will also be putting together your final presentation. Here is your opportunity, before we enter our final week, to ask any questions related to the final project submission and presentation. Do not wait until next week to ask questions as it will mostly likely be too late.

your initial post should include:

•Your progress on the project thus far. Have you already compiled it?

•Anything interesting you learned about the organization you chose.

•The most difficult component of this project. What made it challenging? How did you address this challenge?

When responding to your peers:

•Choose someone who found a component that was difficult which was different than your own, and evaluate their strategy of how they dealt with it.

•Improve upon their strategy and provide feedback.

•Consider how you could have applied that strategy or parts of that strategy to your own challenges.

Things to Remember!

1.Post a 2 to 4 paragraph discussion post (300 words minimum). Justify your explanations by including in-text citations and references in APA format as applicable.

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