Team Project

Team Project

Team Project Instructions

As a business professional, it is important that you are able to conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis of an organization.

Step 1:

Select any company that you are familiar with. In order for you to obtain the necessary information for the SWOT analysis, it will need to be a company that has information about the firm available on the internet and/or through library resources. Post the name of the company you select in the discussion forum “Team Project Company Names” by the due date listed in the course schedule. Be sure to list your; (1) group number and (2) the company name in the subject line. The company selections are on a first-come first-serve basis. You cannot list a company that has already been taken by another team. So, the sooner you pick a company, the better chance you will get to keep it.

Step 2:

The team project report should include the four sections listed below. Please separate each section with a section header and include headings for subsections as well.

  1. Description of the organization (including information on the CEO, mission statement, vision statement, etc.)
  2. Situational Analysis (SWOT Analysis)

This is where you analyze the firm’s internal and external environment. The internal environment is analyzed by identifying the firm’s strengths and weaknesses. The external environment is analyzed by identifying the opportunities and threats to the firm due to conditions beyond the firm’s control (e.g., economic conditions, political instability, etc.). See chapter 6-2b: Situational Analysis for an overview of a SWOT analysis.

  1. Strengths – What is the firm really good at and what resources does the firm have that sets them apart from their competition. What are the firms distinctive competencies and core capabilities (see chapter 6-2b for a description of these terms)
  2. Weaknesses – What are the weaknesses of the firm
  3. Opportunities – What conditions/developments outside the firm provides an opportunity for the firm to capitalize on
  4. Threats – What outside conditions/developments pose a threat to the firm
  1. Based on your SWOT analysis, identify and describe the main issues and challenges the company is facing.
  2. Based on the SWOT analysis, recommend strategies that will help the company overcome the main issues/challenges and create or maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. You need to justify your recommendations.

**NOTE: The report must be submitted as a word document typed in Times New Roman, font size = 12, double spaced, and 1 inch margins on top/bottom/sides of page. 7 pages maximum (5 pages minimum) NOT including cover page and reference pages. Points will be deducted for not adhering to formatting guidelines and page restrictions. Group number and all group member names should be listed on the cover page. File name should start with group number and company analyzed (e.g., Group 1_Amazon).

Step 3:

One person from the group must upload the team project report to the assignment folder on the class D2L page by the due date listed in the course schedule. The team project report must be one collective report from the entire team.

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