Week 2 Discussion

Almost every event requires technology to organize and track the various elements
required to make the event successful. There are a wide variety of software
programs, online tools, and apps available for event planning. Many of these tools
are free or are available for a minimal charge. A successful event manager should
be familiar with these tools.

Initial Post

Read the following article:

Explore some of the products in the article, and then discuss the following:

• Which software did you explore? What did you like about it? How could you imagine using it for event planning (or other uses)?

• Have you used or heard of any of these event planning tech tools? Which one(s)? Share your experience and what you’ve heard.

• Based on what you’ve read about these tools, which one seems the most useful or user-friendly? Why?

• What do you think are the benefits of this technology for event planners?

• Do these tools offer any benefits for those attending events?

Browse the following website:

Choose one article. Share the link with your classmates.

• Provide a brief summary of the article. Discuss your thoughts on the article.

• What is the most interesting thing you learned?

• Was there anything in the article that surprised you? Why?

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