Week 3 Assignment

Week 3 Assignment


The management contract is the most important tool for defining the relationship between the artist and the manager.  The contract will define the duties and responsibilities of each party and should give the manager exclusive rights to manage the artist. In this project, you will demonstrate an understanding of the important clauses in the contract for both the artist and the manager.

What You’ll Need

  • Your TechKit including laptop
  • Internet for research
  • Your textbook


Based on the artist you chose in Week 2, consider all the necessary components of an agreement between the artist and you as a manager. Be sure to consider the point of view of both the artist and the manager and points of negotiation.


Create a Word document that answers the following:

• What are the most important clauses you as a manager want in the contract? (Include at least 3 clauses.) Explain the importance of each one. How might you, as the manager, view this differently from the artist?

• What are the most important clauses for the artist? (Include at least 3 clauses.) Explain the importance of each one. How might you, as the artist, view this differently from the manager?

• Explain how you will negotiate with the artist over the clauses you each want and what you think the end result will be. Consider what you are willing to compromise and what you must have to represent the artist. After negotiation, which of the important clauses for both manager and artist will go into the contract? 

You should refer to the Management Agreement Template download here and to the sample contract in Appendix A of your textbook – Artist Management for the Music Business.

Incorporate the concepts and terminology learned from this week’s readings into the paper, demonstrating how the clauses you chose reflect the concepts learned about in the lesson activities. 

*Using proper terminology is important.*


  1. Save your Word document as PDF.
  2. Name your PDF as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_ContractClauses
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