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“I haven’t been able to take my breath…We’re so excited. We believe it’s the response to our demands, the first step in our long struggle to get our rights” claimed Hatoon Al Faasi, a university professor and women’s rights activist in Saudi Arabia when the women’s right to vote was proclaimed. Nowadays, humanity is facing universal problems, such as terrorist attacks, environmental degradation, global warming; and certainly, the concept of human rights is being left forgotten. In this paper I plan to address the reasons why I believe women in Saudi Arabia should be able to pursue their universal human rights, even though their religion promotes a distinct perspective. In order to support this argument, I will provide a cultural background, the positive and negative impact of different factors, such as culture, globalization, education, followed by my analysis and recommendations for further points of discussion.



Concepts: Include Education, Religon, Human Rights, Gender Inequality, Economic Growth, Uneven development, and other anthropology concepts 



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