Year 1 – Bridging Coursework

Year 1 – Bridging Coursework

MAIN ESSAY QUESTION – Considering the concepts, examples and learning from the various modules you have attended this year, summarise and reflect on in a critical way what you think are the key elements (both internal and external to businesses) that organisations should consider to develop and grow responsibly and effectively in today’s economy. 

Main points to be added in the essay : 

– Micro and Macro factors 

– Choose 5 most important internal and external factors . Please give an brief idea about it . For example how customers are important for external and why and then maybe a criticism 

– Please divide body 5 important internal and 5 important external . 

– Please provide as many examples as possible . 

–  please provide references as well . 

My modules :  

1. Economics for business (A) 

2. Introduction to marketing and communications 

3. LC Managing Financial Resources 

4. LC Organizations, Management and Entrepreneur

5.  Personal , Professional and Academic Development 

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